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kindly adj
1 showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity; "was charitable in his opinions of others"; "kindly criticism"; "a kindly act"; "sympathetic words"; "a large-hearted mentor" [syn: charitable, sympathetic, large-hearted]
2 generously responsive; "good-hearted but inept efforts to help"; "take a kindly interest"; "a kindly gentleman"; "an openhearted gift to charity" [syn: good-hearted, kind, openhearted]
3 pleasant and agreeable; "a kindly climate"; "kindly breeze" adv : in a kind manner or out of kindness; "He spoke kindly to the boy"; "she kindly overlooked the mistake" [ant: unkindly] [also: kindliest, kindlier]

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(US) IPA: /ˈkaɪndli/


  1. Having a kind personality.
    A kindly old man sits on the park bench every afternoon feeding pigeons.



  1. In a kind manner, out of kindness.
    He kindly offered to take us to the station in his car.
  2. Used to make polite requests.
    Kindly refrain from walking on the grass.



in a kind manner
used to make polite requests

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